Fungi of Ninewells wood

These are what I have seen so far.

EarthballsCatbrook October 20140002

Bay Bolete (Boletus badius)

Ninewells 20164







Red Cracked Bolete (Boletus chrysenteron)Catbrook Oct3

Honey Fungus (Armillaria mellitus)Catbrook Oct1

Brown Roll rim (Paxillus involutus)

Brown roll rim Paxillus involutus

Orange Peel Fungus (Aleuria aurantia)Orange peel fungus2

Birch PolyporeBirch Polypore1

Many-zoned Polypore (Trametes versicolor)

Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria)

Amanita pantherinaNinewells 20167

Russula ochroleuca

Collared Earth star (Geastrum triplex)Earth-star

Shaggy Ink cap, (Coprinus comatus)Catbrook acorns5


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