Butterflies of Ninewells wood.

According to the Hamlyn guide; Butterflies of the British Isles by J A Thomas, an excellent book, in the richest examples of woodland you could find between 35 to 40 different species of Butterflies. Well if we get half that number then I will be pleased. As with most species I expect to see more as the regeneration proceeds, and cutting down the densely planted Corsican Pine can only have done good.

I will list all the butterflies I have seen and include a photo if I have one, I do not intend to use other peoples photos and then I will write apiece on each one, and you will then be able to click on the name to see more about each species, or click on the photo to see it full size. The same as my wildflower page. Also names in Red means that I have seen it in Ninewells wood but not in our section.

Small Cabbage White. May 2014

Peacock April 2015,

Brimstone April 2015,

Orange Tip April 2015, Butterflies105

Meadow Brown June 2015,Butterflies2

Small Tortoiseshell July 2015,

Small Copper August 2016

Red Admiral 

Large SkipperButterflies1

Speckled Wood August 2017Butterflies3

Green Veined White  July 2017

Small Skipper July 2017


Gatekeeper  July 2015

Comma August 2017

Painted Lady, August 2017

Silver Washed Fritillary, August 2017

Holly Blue August 2017

la la 17 so far.