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It was open day at the archeological dig outside Trellech. This site is on the road out of Trellech  towards Catbrook and only about half a mile from our section of Ninewells wood.

The lost city is maybe a bit over the top but evidently this was a huge settlement back in the medieval times ( 12th and 13th centuries)  possibly the largest village/town/city in Wales…. although there is evidently some question over whether Monmouthshire is Wales, or England or completely independent.

The dig has uncovered manor house and now is extending the excavation to determine if there are further buildings along the road towards Catbrook…. so far they have discovered remnants of pottery and some roof tiles but no walls or foundations. Relatively early days so its a ‘watch this space’ situation.   You can watch this space by following their website and FB page…. here are the links. Face book page for Trellech excavation…… web site : Lost city of Trellech

Today lots of people were on hand to explain what  is going on and it was fascinating, a visit to the site is well worth while, they had various items that had been discovered on show. Pots and kitchen items, roof tiles and a finial that was designed as a lightening conductor. All form the 12th and 13th century…. Forgive me if I have got some of this wrong… there were a lot of facts and I may not have recalled them all 100%.

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Also on offer for this weekend open day were some extra stalls, one was showing you how to spin wool and grind up corn and other stuff, there was also hot drinks and cakes on sale, and the owner has a lovely dog.

You could do a bit of excavating.. I was hoping that someone would uncover a massive hoard of gold or a pearl necklace but no luck   just soil and stones…. evidently that is the norm.

no luck so far..

So there you have it and here is the owner of the site, talking to another group of interested potential archeologists.