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Knowing your poo is a good way of getting to grips with what animals are in the area. I do not often see mammals in our woods but they are obviously often about.

Commonest is rabbit poo this is virtually spherical and about the size of a large pea. Colour varies depending on how old it is, gradually getting bleached and washed by the rain over time. This obviously applies to all types of poo.

Deer have similar little piles of poo as rabbits but their poo is often more cylindrical and invariable one end is pointed. The bigger the poo the bigger the animal. This photo is almost certainly Roe deer.

Some animals like badgers and foxes have quite a varied diet, which will be in tune with what is available in that season. This poo seems to have a lot of cherry stones in it and it was on the path near the entrance to our wood. It is almost certainly Badger.

We often get fox poo which is similar to dog but generally longer, thinner and with a fine tapering pointed end, but it will vary, again depending on what they are eating. Should you wish you can poke it about with a stick to see what it is made up of. The presence of bits of bone, feathers, fur and beetle cases, will distinguish it from dog poo, which generally does not contain such items as they are fed on tinned dog food and biscuits.

Fascinating as this is, I will attempt to get more photos of poo and add them to this page.

Off course poo is not the only indicator of what has been visiting, footprints, pellets, and this for example would indicate that a pigeon was on the menu, probably of a Sparrow hawk.