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First visit after having been away for five weeks so I expected some changes.

Some of the trees are now in leaf like these Silver Birches, but others are only just in leaf or not at all. As I have mentioned before Ninewells is quite high up and exposed so it lags behind lower woodlands.

Recent frosts have knocked back some of the ferns. I am not too bothered about blackened Bracken, but the Buckler ferns are looking a bit sad. I expect they will recover.

I was a bit disappointed by the number of bluebells in flower, although they are only just coming into bloom and it could be that they make a better show in weeks to come.

The Oaks are always variable in their leaf opening, some trees have a reasonable cover of leaves as with the one in the photo below.

Whereas this one growing literally 10 yards away and is not showing leaf at all, suggesting that it is genetic and not to do with location.

The little trees in the tubes are always a bit ahead, due to the protection, the hazels have well developed leaves but the bigger bushes are only just coming into leaf. This is one of the few conifers that I have protected, I think it is a Scotts Pine.

My Christmas trees all seem to be alive and are trying to recover from the chewing they got just after I planted them but what sort of shape they will develop into…who knows.

Finally a new species, it is a sedge called Harestail Cotton-grass.

It is quite special and I will soon be writing a blog dedicated exclusively to this plant. I bet you cant wait.