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Had a day at the woods today, largely spent collecting up the last of the logs which I chain sawed up about 10 days ago.  Whilst working a large number of Redwings were passing over, possibly 50 or so in dribs and drabs, but all heading in the same direction which was roughly SW.  So obviously not returning home just yet.ninewells-3

Now I have replaced most of the wood which we have recently used, so that my wood store is almost full. Half of it is dry ( what I collected up last Spring) and ready to use, the other half is for next winter. Hopefully the dry stuff will last but if it does not then the recently collected stuff will have to be used. This is OK because it has been down for well over  year and so is somewhat dried out already.

It was quite a sunny day  and whilst cold and frozen, the sun was out and no wind so good working conditions. I am keeping my ‘feeding station’ topped up with food and now, apart from the Robins, several other birds are visiting. Today I got a reasonable shot of a Magpie. They zoom in, grab something and are gone.ninewells-6

Also visiting now are Dunnocks, they are slower and spend some time on the logs, but often down in between them and not on top like the Robins and Blackbirds. However occasionally it did appear on the tops of the logs and I got this shot. img_4813-2

There were some Great tits close by, also two Great Spotted Woodpeckers, which seemed to be sparring/displaying to one another.woody

Also about were two Carrion Crows, a Buzzard and a Jay. So not bad…. some days you see next to nothing and others are quite busy.