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Recently I have set up a feeding station near to the entrance to the woods. Feeding station is a rather grand name.feeding-station1

There are a pile of large Corsican Pine trunks  which were not removed by the contractors when the wood was felled. The reason was that the lorry was full and it was the last load of the day and it was the last day of their time in my wood.   So the lorry driver kindly said that he could not get any more on the lorry so he would leave these 9 logs for me… I said thank you so much but they are mine already.

Anyway there is a pile of logs and I have taken to putting food on them whenever I visit the woods.    They have feeding stations in the  Forest of Dean woods, some are conventional bird tables , some even have tubular bird feeders hanging down, but others are just a big old log and members of the public put food on them. The birds soon learn and they seem to get used to visitors watching them and taking loads of photos.

We have a Spanish jamon at home and when you slice of layers of ham you also get some fat around the outside, this I remove and this has been the main source of food for my ‘feeding station. After Christmas I took up the left over Turkey carcass and a few other bits and bobs get taken up there. I also sometimes squash a fat ball into the crevices in the bark

It is always gone by the next time I visit which is usually after a day or two but sometimes it is  as soon as the following day.  So I am feeding something…. local dogs? foxes? magpies, buzzards, crows, who knows.feeding-station2

Today I took some food up there and actually saw some of it being removed….. not that exciting and fairly predictable it was a Robin.  Also four Magpies came and sat in nearby trees but were not brave enough to swoop in, my truck was parked not that far from the ‘feeding station’. Also some Carrion Crows did a fly past  but they also did not actually visit.

It will take time but slowly they will get used to it and a truck parked nearby.

I wrote the above about 10 days ago. Today I have set myself the task of getting better acquainted with photoshop and trying to prepare my ‘panels completion entry, however as that seems quite a daunting task I have reverted to finishing off this blog.

The robins now seem to know that when a silver Ford truck turns up the bloke inside will put out some food, as they always appear just after I arrive.  I did see a magpie swoop in and grab a bit of left over turkey but the photos I took were too out of focus even for photoshop so I wont show you them. A blackbird came along yesterday and he was a bit more accommodating so this is him.feeding-station4

So far I have not seen any tits, woodpeckers or nuthatches, but I am hopeful as they do occur in the woods quite regularly.  I am a bit in two minds about things like bird tables, feeders, bird boxes and bat boxes. I would like to encourage wildlife but it is a wood and not a garden. So some food spread on top  of a pile of logs is about as far as I will go for now.