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‘Ten green bottles…… and if one should accidentally fall’  Well its slightly more than ten and they are not green, one is greenish but that is because of algae on the inside.bottles1

Most woodland owners will be blessed by a variety of old rubbish. I have quite a lot particularly along the boundaries of my wood. Most of it is rusting away and three quarters buried so it will slowly subside and not get cleared up. I did change the orientation of an old watering can so that any rain water would drain out of the spout and the rest of it might provide a nest site for a robin.

Glass bottles I have collected up as they could potentially be a hazard for Grandchildren, especially if they are broken. These have been gathered together in a few discreet and safe? places, but today I decided to round them up, bring them home and they will soon be in the glass recycling bin… I do not think there are any of great age or interest. However just for the record I took a photo of my collection.

Most were unmarked so you can only guess at their original contents. There was one from Heinz…. probably ketchup I would guess. Another one was a milk bottle and that had Sedbury Dairy written on it. I suspect the large dark brown bottle might have contained sherry, possibly something like Emva Cream….. that name never sounded that attractive to me, it sounded more like a treatment for hemaroids than something to drink. The other drink bottle might have been whisky. There is also a small container which looks very much as if it would have had ‘paste’ in it. Paste…. another delight from the past, Shipmans paste, Chicken and ham…. anchovy…..sardine and tomato…. cant remember any others.

The only one that looks a bit old is the blue glass which looks like a kilner jar, unfortunately the edges are very sharp so that will go to the recycling along with all the others.