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There is new evidence for wild boar being present in the Ninewells wood area this week (Dec 22nd 2016)ninewells-boar1


This field is between Ninewells wood and the village of Broadstone, it is home to two Dexter cows but I don’t think they are responsible. They have been in this field for many months and this damage only appeared very recently.ninewells-boar2


I have not seen similar turning over of the soil anywhere else in the vicinity, well not since the  autumn of 2014, when there was a wild boar about and it was seen by some of the local residents. This damage is very common in the Forest of Dean, where I live along with quite a large population of Wild Boar, Ninewells wood is only 7 miles from my house.

I did notice that something had been removing the outer layer of a quite thick ivy stem/vine, which I thought was a bit unusual, the Grey squirrels do remove the bark from oak and beech but I have not seen ivy being targeted in the past. Also thankfully there has not been any squirrel damage so far this winter. So do wild boar go for ivy???