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I went shopping yesterday, yes I would rather have spent the time in my wood, but it had to be done and the Christmas stuff was well in evidence. I suppose it is October after all.

So here is an idea for a Christmas gift, It is a book called Small Woodland Creatures, it is in the Oxford Natural History series and is by 3 people Lars-Henrik Olsen, Jakob Sunesen and Bente Vita Pedersen.   You will not remember that lot. galls7

ISBN 0-19-850797 6 (Hbk)

It  is a great book and will introduce you to all the small but very interesting species which inhabit your woodland. galls6

It will also alert you as to what to keep an eye out for. I recently did a blog about galls on another blog site which l do.galls3 See the pages in this book which refer to galls and you can see that it is quite easy to identify these as button galls. The book covers all the invertebrates with very useful pages on galls, mollusks, spiders and much more..galls5



The other blog I do is about France and particularly the Poitou-Charentes region. You might find it interesting, there is a lot about the local fauna and fauna but also the villages and towns, the restaurants, the history and I did do a lot about the referendum…. for all the good it did!!!

Click to link through to that site…. poitoucharentesinphotos