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I have developed a small network of paths through my wood.spraying1 Just as well because having felled all the Corsican Pines, we now have a period of time when the bracken and the brambles dominate. In a few years the new Silver Birch and then the Oaks and Beech will start to shade these out and this almost impenetrable  herbage will decline. ( I will probably help in this process by strimming down some of the bracken)


However for now my paths are essential. Initially I developed the paths by a process of strimming, raking and application of weed killer using a watering can.

This method of applying weed killer is not the best as I do not have any water on site, so it all has to be transported there in jerry cans. Also a lot of the weed killer gets wasted, and it is quite expensive.

Now I have a new toy. A spray bottle. I considered a knapsack sprayer but this bottle is quite adequate. Also it cost less than £10. There are lots of types available on e bay or amazon. In the garden centre’s they normally only stock Hozelock and their products are vastly overpriced.spraying2

With this new toy I can hit individual plants and particularly knock out the newly developing bramble which if left in place would soon obliterate my path network. The nozzle can be adjusted to produce anything from a jet to a mist like spray, I have it as a medium spray.spraying4

Now is a good time to do this work. It will be absorbed by the plants and kill them off before the winter, giving you a clear spell right into late spring next year.

In case you are wondering, I use ‘Amenity roundup’ which I purchase in a 25 litre  amount from a farm supply outlet. It is the cheapest way to buy it. Garden centre stuff is a waste of time and incredibly expensive. As someone once said to me.. ‘You would be better off pissing on the weeds.’