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Time moves on and despite some good daytime temperatures, the first signs of Autumn are making themselves felt.Ninewells 20168

This year there is a good crop of Rowan berries and really bright red.

The first fungi are starting to appear, I always get a good crop of Earth balls, these are interesting and look quite nice but are not edible.

Ninewells 20162Ninewells 20163





I did find a Bay Bolete, this is most certainly edible as are many, but not all of the Boletus fungi. This one is fairly easy to identify as the sponge area underneath is dull yellow and it rapidly turns a dark blue when touched or bruised, as you can see in the photo below. This specimen was quite well developed and often this means they are full of little maggots, but not so in this case so it was taken home and cooked. The first of many this year I hope.

Ninewells 20165Ninewells 20164





I also came across one of the Amanita fungi, this one is A. pantherina and is poisonous but not quite as bad as the deadly destroying angel or the death cap.Ninewells 20167

There are now some quite large patches of heather (Calluna) not as pretty as the bell heathers but at a distance it still looks good.Ninewells 201610

It does not look like being a good year for acorns, that is two years in a row. I did see some large galls on some of my small Oak trees. The hazels though seem to be producing some hazel nuts which will no doubt feed the local squirrels.

Ninewells 201616

Ninewells 201615





Finally there are lots of blackberries and the Rosebay Willow herb seed is blowing all over the place. Lots more of them for the next few years.

Ninewells 201612Ninewells 201614