This is a bit of an update, I have hoped that as a result of felling the Corsican Pines and replanting with deciduous trees that the biodiversity would improve.

In terms of birds and animal life, the big plus has been the arrival of a pair of Tree pipits, these birds have been present for the last few weeks. I am sure they are Tree rather than Meadow pipits, because the stripes on the breast do not extend down their sides, and the stripe on the wing is edged with dark brown, so is more defined and of course the big thing is that they are in a wood and not a meadow. P1090418_1

I know one of my readers thought it might be a sparrow, (she has a sharp sense of humor), but I think the bird got wind of the insult, so today it sat on an old stump and posed for a photo just to prove to sparrow person that it was definitely a pipit and not a sparrow.

In terms of plants, I have seen a lot more bluebells this year. There are a few areas around the edges were there are some good patches of blue, and these seem to be a bit bigger and bluer this year. However what is encouraging is that there are lots of individual bluebells or little groups of  3,4 or 6 bluebells dotted about randomly throughout the wood. Nuclei for expansion in future years. There are quite a lot of new opportunist species like foxgloves and rosebay willow herb, but these will die out in due course.

Today though I found one plant of Ragged robin growing just inside the wood, and this I am very pleased to see. It only had one flower in bloom but will have a few more in a week or so.

Progress then is being made.