Great day up at Ninewells wood today, I got a lot done and it did not rain, so I did not get soaked like I did yesterday.

Then whilst I was enjoying my bacon sandwiches and left over diet coke from a tea total visitor we entertained a couple of weeks ago, I saw a little brown/ russet bird, like a robin but not. I thought it looked like a Redstart, I am used to seeing them quite often in France, along with Black Redstarts. So out with the camera with telephoto attached and snap snap snap and I was a male Redstart.IMG_4955a

This in case you are not aware is a mega tick. To put it into context The RSPB Nags Head reserve list as their highlights, Pied Flycatchers, Redstarts and Lesser spotted woodpeckers. So to see one in my bit of Ninewells wood is…. as I said mega.

to add to the day I saw two Fallow deer in the bit of Ninewells next to Cleddon Bog, I saw a fox trot across my patch, I hope it had not been visiting my neighbours chickens, Also saw several Peacock butterflies and discovered a small patch of Wood sorrel which I thought had disappeared and a couple of rabbits. What a good day.