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The last time I was up at Ninewells wood I saw a small nondescript bird fly up from the ground and perch in a tree. I did not have binoculars or a camera with me so I had to rely on my eyes to try and get as good a look at is as possible.

As the light was  behind the bird and it was some way off I could not identify it, but it looked sort of pipitish or larkish, if you know what I mean. It was brown and small and stripy, it had even less definition than a sparrow.

IMG_4779Today I saw it, or similar again. This time I was in my truck and had with me both binoculars and camera with telephoto. So I got the camera out and snapped away. I got some good views of it through the camera and with a 400 mm lens I thought I would have some reasonable shots. However in my haste to get the shots I had not seen that the aperture was 2 stops over exposed. This was because last time I had used the camera I was taking photos of deer which were in deep shade. This is the original shot.

IMG_4779aHowever with a bit of digital aftercare I have managed to get something from my terribly overexposed photos and I am fairly sure that it is a Tree Pipit.




And here is another.IMG_4780a

What you think?