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Lovely day today in Ninewells wood. I was collecting fire wood for next winter, according to my Norwegian Wood book by Lars Mytting it should all be cut, split and stacked by Easter. However Easter was early this year and I have almost completed my store.Ninewells insects1

I also saw the first Wood anemone in flower today, as I have said Ninewells wood is quite high and exposed so whilst Wood anemones have been in flower for several weeks in most places, where I am it is a bit on the slow side.

As a bit of a break from the cutting and loading up of the logs, I had a roam about with my camera and took some photos of the smaller creatures in the woods.

There were a lot of Ladybirds and most were the Seven spot ladybird Coccinella 7-punctata.Ninewells insects2

I did find one that I had to look up and I think it is a Cream-streaked ladybird the sixteen spotted form Harmoni 4 punctate.Ninewells insects5

These two were obviously getting into the ‘Spring mode’ enjoying the sunshine.Ninewells insects6

There were also loads of tiny black spiders running about, quite difficult to photograph due to their small size and speed.Ninewells insects4

Also one which was a bit bigger and more obliging, I have not looked up either of them yet so any one who knows their names, please oblige.Ninewells insects3

The same goes for two bees, one is very obviously a form of bumble bee and I think it could be  Bombus sylvestris??? which is actually a cuckoo bumble bee.Ninewells insects8

This second one I am really struggling with, any ideas all you experts out there.Ninewells insects7

There were also 2 Chiffchaffs singing along with blackbirds and wrens, an altogether nice day but my wood store is still not quite full so more wooding and less photos next time.