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December 2015, and I spent the morning in the wood, mainly just checking that no trees had been blown down across roads and paths. All was OK although on neighbouring areas there were quite a few that had succumbed to the wind.Ninewells;December 20151

Main difference from a month or so ago was how wet it was, my ‘pond’ which in summer is just a hole in the ground,  now is a proper pond, with probably about 50cm or more of water at the deepest. A pity it does not stay like that all year.

The Rhododendrons and Laurels which we cut back last year are recovering and that is a job which needs doing  (cutting them back again, possibly with a splash of roundup to help)…but not on a grey wet day.

I saw a couple of new fungi, one was the remnants of a collared earth star.( Geastrum triplex) or something quite closely related.Earth-star

The other was small and brown.Ninewells;December 201510

I spent some time sat in my truck with the telephoto set up and waiting for birds to turn up. A few were out and about even in the wind and rain. There are several Holly bushes with quite a lot of berries and these attracted in a couple of Redwings. This is a new bird for me to see at the wood, also a Sparrow hawk zoomed past but too fast for me to get a photo. (Click on the photo to see them more clearly).

A Jay spent some time in the big Oak trees along the edge of the wood, there was a brief visit by a couple of Magpies and a Crow spent a long time preening itself in a smaller oak further up the wood, so a bit too distant for a good photo.