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As the Autumn progresses I am finding a few new fungi in the woods. Some I can identify and some are like the birds LBJ,s little brown jobs, although I do have more success with LBJ birds than with the fungi.

Yesterday I found another Boletus, unfortunately not a Boletus edulis but a Boletus chrysenteron which has the common name of Red cracked bolete, because surprise surprise the cap is often cracked and looks red. Here is a typical one.Catbrook Oct3This one is cracked but not red, it is a bit younger so may develop the red in a few days.Catbrook Oct2

I also saw one group of Honey Fungus (Armillarea mellia) This is a serious pest on conifers but as there are only about six conifers left in the woods, I am not too worried. Two years ago, just after we had purchased the woods we did see quite a lot and that was a concern at the time. However as it turned out all the trees had Dothristama rust disease and needed to be felled and so events overtook our concerns.  Catbrook Oct1And then there was a nice patch of LBJ’s if anyone has any ideas then I would be grateful for your opinion.Catbrook Oct4

I will put a photo list of all the Fungi I have seen at the woods onto the species pages at the top of the blog….