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Recently I had a look at the conditions of my felling licence. I had not seen them earlier because they were with the silviculture specialists that we had employed to oversee the felling operations at our wood. I am not impressed with the advice given.

This is part of it.

The land on which the felling took place is to be managed in accordance with the rules of good forestry so as to secure restocking with Oak (35%) Rowan (10%) Birch (10%) Small leaved Lime (10%) Wild Cherry (10%) Hornbeam (5%) Hazel (5%) Holly (5%) Open ground (10%) to achieve not less than 1,600 plants per hectare evenly distributed over the site by natural regeneration, coppice regrowth or replanting. 

This was from Welsh Natural Resources not Forestry commission as our wood is in Wales.

Now our woodland is a PAWS site so presumably the objective is to return it to as close to Ancient woodland as possible. That is certainly my aim. I would also like it to look as close to what was there before it was converted into a plantation. Now as there are no written records of what was there 100 or more years ago, all we can go by is what surviving deciduous trees are there now.

Below is some real ancient woodland that is growing only about 5 miles away.catbrook22

If you look at my species list you will see that I have recorded all the tree species that I have found in my bit of wood and also in the wider Ninewells wood area. I have not attempted to estimate populations but will now give you my rough estimates.

Oak 25%

Beech 20%

Silver Birch 20%

Rowan 15%

Holly 10%

Hazel 5%

Traces of Hawthorn, Sweet Chestnut, Sallow, Sycamore.

This is quite different to what the Welsh Natural Resources are suggesting I should plant..

I am OK with the density of planting, I will be planting about 2,000 trees on the site and there is at least the same amount of natural regeneration with lots of Silver Birch, Holly and Rowan. So far I have planted about 1,200 ( mostly Beech and Hazel)

However I do not intend to plant any Hornbeam or Small leaved Lime or Wild Cherry as there is no evidence of any of these species in the Ninewells wood area. Also I am planting a lot of Beech as that is the second commonest species there after Oak.