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Here are two photos I took last week, at virtually the same moment. For me one was the last vestige of Summer and the other was the incoming Winter.

So I suppose that makes it Autumn.Autumn jobs18 Autumn jobs19

OK what have I been up to recently. I have planted out the last of my hazel seedlings. They got a bit overwatered when we were away last month. I had an automatic watering system operating, and it rained loads so they were quite waterlogged when we got back, thus they are a bit yellow looking. However they were alive and now all are planted out in the woods. Lets hope the squirrels will have plenty of other food at this time and will leave them alone.Autumn jobs1

I have also collected lots of bluebell seeds from the small patches of bluebells which do exist in the wood and then distributed them to other areas. I have spread lots of them in small areas under some of the somewhat larger trees, so that if they do grow they will not be completely out in the open.Autumn jobs16

Another job I have done is to remove some of the dead broken branches from some of the tall spindly trees that survived after the pines were felled last year. This is purely a cosmetic operation but to me it makes the wood look slightly less ragged.

Then I had a wander about and took some photos, there are a few fungi appearing, the earth balls always seem to be one of the first and there are also quite a few roll rims (quite poisonous). There is also a pretty little orange fungus that is quite common but I do not know its name…… any suggestions?

I also took some photos of the other autumnal features, the beech are already starting to yellow, as is the bracken. There are lots of blackberries and some of the bigger trees have acorns and the silver birch have plenty of seeds.

There are a few grasshoppers about, here is a photo I took of one that was fairly docile and let me get close to him.Autumn jobs17

The heaps of brash that looked quite dominant last year are now less of an eyesore, partly they have rotted down and are not so high and partly the surrounding vegetation is starting to grow up. so in a few years they will be relatively unobtrusive.Autumn jobs11

The little trees are continuing to be nibbled but I have now decided this is not the result of deer but almost certainly squirrels. Partly I have come to this conclusion because my cameras have not photographed any deer, mainly they get rabbits and squirrels. Also and more significant is that in the protected area which the deer initiative people put up, there are some trees which have also been nibbled and the only animal that could have done that would be the squirrel.

So that’s it for now, finally a photo of one of my little hazel seedlings inside the plastic tube….. how many will survive to become full-sized bushes? I have planted about 400.Autumn jobs14