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So far I have added 22 photos to my wild flower page, and virtually all of them were taken in my bit of Ninewells wood, which is known as Catbrook wood. The commonest flower at the moment is the brambles, the foxgloves are over and the Rosebay willow herb is dying back, but the brambles are going strong, there are some blackberries which are ready to pick, but I will let the birds have them and the flowers attract lots of bumble bees.Wild flowers15

Only two photos on the page are from the wider area of Ninewells wood and that is the Spotted orchid and the St Johns-wort, although there is a little creeping St Johns-wort in my bit but so far it has not flowered.

There are also a few ‘boring’ flowers which I have not photographed yet like Catsear, Creeping buttercup, sow thistle and there are some small willow herbs which look like they will be difficult to identify.

To see the ones I have photographed click on Wild flowers of Ninewells wood.