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Well not a lot to report, I have had the cameras in the woods, on and off for some while and I have moved them about to see if some positions are better than others.

They have taken literally thousands of photos but you can only see something in a very few of them. Presumably what is triggering them is too small to actually identify, so it will be mice and voles or maybe robins and wrens.

Roe deer

Roe deer

I have seen a deer but I knew there was one about because I had heard it barking, then saw it in another part of Ninewells wood and then recently I have seen that several of my slightly bigger young trees have had their tops nibbled. Too high up to blame the rabbits.

Here is a photo taken of the rabbits. It is in the bottom right hand corner… These are the commonest mammals to feature, with perhaps the exception of dog walkers.Rabbit

Interestingly only a couple of hours later the camera picked up these photos of a fox, presumably he could smell that a rabbit had not long since been in the area.Foxfox

I suspect a wild boar has been in the vicinity recently as the grass verge was all turned over along the edge of Cleddon bog but so far I have not picked one up on the cameras.