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Very close to Ninewells wood there is a very small field or paddock which this year has hundreds, probably thousands of orchids in it.Marsh Orchids1

There are two species, one is Twayblade which has green flowers so does not add much to the visual spectacle.Marsh Orchids4

The other is a Marsh Orchid, there are various species and they all interbreed so I am not committing to an exact name. They vary in colour from almost pure white through to pink.Marsh Orchids2

They look really spectacular and what is significant is that a field on the other side of the little lane, so it is literally 5 yards away has no orchids. This most likely indicates some difference in the way the two fields have been managed in the past. I suspect the orchid field has been managed in the same way for hundreds of years. The photo below is another part of the same field.Marsh Orchids6

I took lots of photos as you do so here are a couple more.Marsh Orchids5

Last oneMarsh Orchids3

That’s it. Well almost, there is a brilliant web site where you can check out different flowers and fungi and animals but here is a link to it which will take you to Marsh orchids and then you can decide for yourself which ones these are..