This is really just for the record, because in 10 years time I will have forgotten what I planted, when and how many. Though hopefully all the trees will survive so I shall have the evidence in front of me.

Tree sleeves0002

OK, since the Corsican Pines were felled last year (2014) I have used up about 1,300 canes and plastic sleeves.

Firstly I have put sleeves around little trees which had germinated under their own steam. Roughly 200 were protected and it was mainly little Oaks, Silver Birches with a few Rowan and Beech.

Beech seedling

Beech seedling

Then I have planted about 500 beech seeds and recently about 600 Hazel. The Beeches have  been planted towards the top end of my patch of woodland and the Hazels have been mainly planted around the edges.

I have not planted in rows and have tried to make the distribution as natural as possible. In the last week I have seen quite a few of the tubes now have little Beech seedlings inside, so some of them at least have survived.