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Last year between 2nd and the 9th May the Deer Initiative had a trail camera in Catbrook wood. During that time it took 240 shots.

**** PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE NO CAMERAS IN THE WOOD ANYMORE AS THEY WERE STOLEN SOMTIME IN MARCH 2016**** (I do not know if this blog directed the thief to my wood but possibly better in retrospect not to have mentioned them)

Here are just a few. First of all the Fox which was the commonest visitor during that time, being captured ‘on film’ at all times of the day and night.M2E52L186-185R409B302

Second commonest was the grey squirell.M2E61L205-205R408B321

The rabbit appeared quite often and because the exact time that the picture is taken is recorded I can tell that he only narrowly missed seeing the fox on some occasions.M2E45L158-158R410B312

Deer appeared at various times both day and night and there were both Roe deer, seen here with antlers, Red deer and Fallow deer.M2E56L195-195R408B311

Also Red deer first this is a night time shot.M2E1L0-0R350B300

And Fallow Deer, here two passing through in daytime.M2E56L199-199R408B315

There were lots of photos where nothing could be seen but these were presumably triggerd by something quite small like mice, voles or small birds.

There was one visit by a Wood pigeon and a cat went by one night.M2E71L218-218R408B331

All this in just 7 days and in one corner of the wood. The fox seemed to be back and forth all the time, following the same path each time.

I was surprised not to see any dogs and only one cat. No humans made an appearance.

I will have a close look at the photos where nothing large was present to see if I can detect what set the camera off, maybe be as I said mice or voles. It could be a couple of doggers in the distance, who knows?

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