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I do not see so many different birds when I visit Ninewells wood but one I do normally see is the Buzzard. Probably because it usually announces its presence by the distinctive mewing cry and then I look up and see it soaring overhead.Ninewells Buzzard1 Yesterday I spotted one flying across and then landing on the top of a Corsican Pine. I was in my truck at the time having a bit of a break from sawing up logs and wheel barrowing them back to my truck. I had my camera equipment with me, so was able to take a few shots. The first one was  through the open window. I then quietly got out of the truck and approached towards the bird, It quickly spotted me as you can see.Ninewells Buzzard2 I did not get very far before it took off and did a nice fly past.

It uttered a quick couple of mews as if to say I know you are there.Ninewells Buzzard6   Finally it disappeared behind some treesNinewells Buzzard6 Earlier on I had seen a Sparrow hawk but this was on a mission and was gone almost before it arrived, so no photos of that bird, but it was the first time I have seen a Sparrow Hawk up there. Other birds I saw yesterday were Jays, Crows, a Wren, a Robin and a singing Blackbird. As I said I do not see that many different species, maybe a few more will turn up as the undergrowth starts to develop as it surely will.