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The mystery of chunks of meat being left in Ninewells wood seems to have been solved. It has been left there to feed the foxes…… well that is what someone told the lady whose dogs have found 4 pieces of meat.Foxes1

The meat is good quality, sourced from Hancocks butchers of Monmouth, which has a good reputation, so these are lucky foxes.Foxes2

One wonders why someone is going to all the trouble and expense of feeding the local carnivore wildlife, perhaps they are photographers like me and are trying to get the foxes used to visiting a certain spot regularly and then they can set up their hide close by and get some nice shots.

I remember once when we were on holiday in a remote part of Poland, close to the Ukraine border, in an area where there were wolves, bears and Lynx that we saw a hide which our guide said was occupied by a photographer and that he had baited the area with carion and he would remain in there for weeks on end, waiting for a wolf or Lynx to turn up.

I have set up bait in the past  to attract birds to a certain spot.  I have filled a little plastic container with fat and  nailed it to a tree in a position that it would be just out of view but so that visiting birds could be photographed with out the container being in the photo. However that is somewhat less expensive than prime cuts of lamb from a quality butchers.

If however this person is simply just feeding the foxes, then I think maybe some of the locals who keep chickens might not be over delighted.  Also might the foxes develop a taste for lamb and then move on to the live versions which are about at the moment. Maybe some dead rabbit would be a better bait/food.