There may be someone placing poised meat in Ninewells wood. Two different people have reported that in the last few weeks, their dogs have come back from a certain area of Ninewells wood with a piece of meat in their mouths. One person said that her dog had three times on three separate occasions brought back a cut of meat to her. This meat is in good condition, like a cut you would buy from a supermarket.Dogs1 The region where this has happened is more or less in the middle of the woods, it is on the main Forestry track. It is the track, that runs from the car park on the corner of the wood, where the small road adjacent to Cleddon bog turns off from the Llandogo to Trellech road. It is some distance along this track, about three-quarters of the way along it. The exact location has not been identified as the dogs were off the lead and roaming about. So if you take your dog for a walk in the woods as many people do then be careful. There is no guarantee that the meat is poised, but why else would you put meat in the woods? to feed the Crows and Buzzards? Dogs2This may be linked to the sightings of Wild Boar, possibly some misguided person is thinking that they will get rid of the Wild Boar by leaving out poison bait. I do not think this will work, if you wanted to get rid of the Boar then apples would be a better bait. If your dog brings you back a gift of a joint of meat, I would suggest that you obviously remove it from the dog and then put it in a plastic bag and then place the bag and meat into your refuse bin. Do not leave it in the countryside because if it is poised then it will only harm wildlife such as Crows, Buzzards, Foxes, Stoats etc.or someone else’s dog.