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Last night it snowed in Monmouthshire and in Gloucestershire, well in our part of it which is the Forest of Dean. I have never seen our wood with snow so I was up there this morning and here are some of the photos.Wood in snow1

The first photo is of the lane between Cleddon bog and Ninewells wood which looked quite magnificent on the way to the wood, but on the way back had melted quite a lot and the sun was no longer shining so it was only briefly like this.

In the wood, which is not so much wood and more regeneration the snow was quite thick, possibly 2 inches and just starting to melt. I was surprised not to see more footprints, just a few tracks from rabbits and one dog. This is the rabbit.Wood in snow6

We have a few big trees and these looked quite good against the blue sky, lets hope they survive the forecast strong winds which are promised for tonight.

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Here are a few other shots I took, it looked to me as if some of the buds were beginning to show signs of swelling a little but maybe that is just wishful thinking.

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I did though see this sign of Spring which is the first shoots from some bluebells.Wood in snow12