OK its only 8th of January, but it was sunny and today there was a Song Thrush singing quite loudly. He thought it was Spring. I spent my time making paths through the brash which despite being ‘cleared’ is still a problem. 90% of it was cleared but 10% of a vast amount is still quite a lot and it makes walking around somewhat of an obstacle course. Also in the process of bulldozing up the brash there are little piles of leaf litter all over the place and it offends my eyes….. I like it neat so I am raking up the brash and redistributing the piles of leaf litter to make nice neat paths. I now have one path from the parking area all the way to the top of the wood and I am now making two paths, one to the left, and one to the right, both at the top of the wood. So the paths will be like a capital T shape. Then I will continue¬† back down the wood roughly following the left hand edge and the right hand edge.¬† It is fairly back breaking work, so every so often I take a little break and wander about and see what I can see. Today I spotted 4 new birds. nothing special but nice to see them in the sunshine. The first one I saw was the Song Thrush, not difficult because it was filling the air with its repetitive but melodic calls.026a Then I spotted a Nuthatch, this was on one of the big trees along the boundary. I expect all these birds are regular visitors but it is just that I have not seen them there before. Surprisingly I had not see a Blue Tit before, or maybe I had just overlooked them. anyway today there were several about and looking most delightful in the sunshine.woodland birds1 Finally I saw three Magpies, high up in the trees, we get lots of Jays and Crows but this is th first time I have seen Magpies. To check out all the species I have seen in Ninewells wood click on Species list at the top of this post.