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I have not been to Catbrook wood for about 5 weeks because I have not been in the UK. Today I went there and a few things had changed.

Most of the deciduous trees no longer have leaves…… there’s a surprise.

Someone has left me three small piles of garden refuse by the gate, presumably they could not be bothered to take it to the dump.  I would rather this did not happen, mainly because the material contained some red berries and these could grow and introduce an unwanted species into the area.

Someone has erected a circular fence in what appears to be a random position about 50 meters from the gate. Here is a photo.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I am not sure what it is for but I am guessing that it is some form of experiment to see what happens to a bit of recently felled woodland if all grazing animals are excluded from it. One of my little plastic sleeves which protect young trees is inside the area so that tree is now doubly protected!

OK I have the explanation….. It was put up by the Deer Initiative and they have been monitoring deer in the area using cameras which are sensitive to movement. This fence is as I suspected to see what effect the deer grazing has on woodland regeneration.

It all looks quite a professional job so I suspect it is some agency rather than a private individual.

Here is another photo of it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA