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There is evidence of wild boar activity on the edge of Ninewells wood. Twice recently the vegetation along the edge of the road which divides Ninewells wood from Cleddon bog has been turned over in the style typical of Wild Boar. The photo below is one I took but it is of a Wild Boar in the near by Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. This is only 10 miles away and is where the Monmouthshire boar are coming from

Wild Boar from the Forest of Dean

Wild Boar from the Forest of Dean

Local resident Mack recently told me that his Springer Spaniel had disturbed a boar whilst it was asleep and he thought there were two individuals in the area. Also my neighbour in the house between Catbrook wood and Cicelyford wood has just commented on this blog that she saw a wild boar 4 weeks ago on the track which leads up to here house and divides the two areas of woodland. Here are a couple of photos of their handy work along the boundary road between the bog and Ninewells wood. Catbrook October 20140001Various reports on the internet refer to wild boar in the area, one resident in Trellech actually reports having seen a female with young, and another report says one was killed by a car. So far I have not seen any evidence of one in Catbrook wood, but it is only a matter of time.   The widely held view at the moment is that the boar are males which have crossed the Wye in search of females. However if the males can cross the river there is every reason to suppose the females will do the same, and as I have said there is one report of little piggies and a female being spotted (get it?) near Trellech.

Catbrook October 20140002For a list of all species in Ninewells wood and inparticular the Catbrook wood region the click on SPECIES LIST This is updated on a regular basis. Today I saw a female Fallow deer crossing the road close to the lower area of Ninewells wood.