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At last the work has begun, clearing the brash. For those who are not familiar with this word, ‘Brash’ is the rubbish which is left after the felling, it is all the side branches twigs and needles, also it includes some big bits of timber where the machine which cuts the trunks into suitable size lengths has sliced off 30cm or so before it gets into mode. I do not know exactly why it does this but I am guessing that as the whole process of cutting a felled tree into suitable lengths is now computerised, presumably the computer has worked out that starting at the end of the trunk will not make optimum use of the available timber. Also the very top of the tree is also part of the brash. Thus there is quite a lot of material, when I used to visit Thetford Forrest a few years ago, the Forestry Commission had a machine that turned all the brash into chips which could be used for various purposes, like mulch, but for my little wood this is not practical, so it is being scrapped up and burnt. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The sequence of events is fairly straightforward, first of all he ‘rolls it up’ as he says which involves scrapping it up into long rows.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


This is then left for a day to dry out, because although it has been a couple of months since it was felled and recently we have not had a lot of rain, the stuff underneath is still quite wet.

Once dry it is then pushed into a big heap.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Then it is set light and evidently it will take 2/3 days to burn through. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here are some more random photos of the brash clearance.

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