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Already there are signs of regeneration, we spotted two little Oak seedlings a couple of weeks ago. What has happened to the rest of the 2,000 acorns I planted last autumn? I can’t believe the squirrels and mice got every one of them, and despite the activity of the logging machines there are still quite large areas where they never disturbed the soil, so all I can think is that it was such a wet winter and the water table was just below the surface for several months that they just rotted away.  Oh well try again next year.

We do have a few little Beech seedlings, I guess there are about 20 to 30 in total.Regeneration7

Today I saw lots of tiny Birch seedlings, these are growing in areas where the leaf litter has been disturbed and proper soil is showing through. They are very small at the moment but from past experience they come on very quickly.Regeneration2

I also saw one little conifer seedling, probably a Corsican Pine and whilst I do not want the woodland to return to a conifer plantation I am not against a few of these in the short-term.Regeneration1

The other thing that is happening now is that deciduous trees which were cut down or damaged during the felling are now starting to sprout new life. Whilst these trees will never grow into a ‘good timber tree’ I am not concerned about that, they will grow into a tree which is good for caterpillars, good for nesting in and good for fungi to grow under.Regeneration5

There is still some timber waiting to be collected, I guess about two lorry loads, when this is done the entrance will be tided up and a gate put in place.Regeneration6


The biggest job outstanding is to do something about the brash, of which there is a considerable amount.Regeneration4