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A couple of weeks back I spotted a chap putting cameras up in the woods of the Wye Valley, now having been considering purchasing one of these trail cameras for some time, I approached him to seek advice.  He said ‘ You are going to ask me what I am doing’ and I said ‘Well I think I know what you are doing but what I want to know is what sort of camera you are using and what would you recommend is the best type to purchase.’Cam1


Well it is Bushnell which is what they use on Spring watch and all the wild life programmes. They are also known as Trophy Cameras or Hunting Cams. This is the Bushnell website. Unfortunately many are sold in the USA where they are used by hunters (thus trophy cam or hunting cam) to determine what animals are in an area prior to them taking them out with a high power rifle….. Good ole boys

Anyway we got talking and it turned out he was working for the Deer Initiative which is a body that monitors Deer populations throughout the UK and advises on the best way to manage them…the_deer_initiative

His name is Steve Griffiths and he is carrying out a survey of Deer in Wales. So as our bit of wood is only 2 miles from where he was placing cameras I said would he be interested putting one in Catbrook Wood. Which he was and has also put several more in other parts of Ninewells wood.

BUT what is really good is he is going to send me a CD with all the footage of what ever the cams see in Ninewells wood. The cams are there for a fortnight and today I was in our wood and the cam has gone so it has recorded the wildlife for the last two weeks. ( This is why I am telling you this now, because it does happen that sometimes the cameras get nicked,  so if you are of a criminal persuasion then there is no point in going up to Ninewells wood in the hope of finding a Bushnell camera that you might be able to flog on Ebay for £100, because it is no longer there.)

So when I get the CD if there is anything exciting then I will put it on this blog for all to see. Cam3  Watch this space.

This is a photo of the space which the camera was pointing at, looks quite a good spot, what will it photo? Fox, Badger, Roe Deer, maybe but most likely grey squirrel and mice. Evidently the camera is very sensitive and will pick up even the movement of a wood mouse or shrew.

Maybe it will just be locals walking the dog, or locals dogging…. no I doubt it.





If you want to know more about the Deer Initiative then click on Deer Initiative