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Now all the conifers are removed and the wood will start to regenerate I expect and hope to see new species appearing. Some will be welcome and others like maybe Nettles will be less welcome. Although even a few of these may provide some food for butterfly caterpillars.

Yesterday I was in the wood clearing some brash from the edges and rescuing some reasonable logs for future fire wood when I heard a woodpecker and then saw it.

Great spotted woodpecker

Great spotted woodpecker

It was a Great spotted woodpecker and it flew across from the nice big mature Oaks and Beeches which are along the perimeter onto one of the very thin, tall and  bedraggled Oaks  which remain after the felling. It spent about a minute working its way up and down this anorexic Oak before flying on across the site and away. I do not know if it had a bemused expression or maybe a confused expression but it landed on one of the remaining trees and did spend a little time there so it is a new record for this wood.

I have a species list for Catbrook wood which is not very long and was made prior to the felling so now any new species I will add to the list but put them in Italicsand put the date when first seen, so that I may see how things develop

to view the species list click https://catbrookwood.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/species-list-for-catbrook-wood/

I also saw a wren yesterday singing its head off so presumably it has a nest somewhere in the area.

Wren singing

Wren singing

No doubt this was not the first time a Great Spotted Woodpecker has visited the woods but it was the first occasion when I saw one there.