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The felling has been completed and last week the movement of the logs to the hard standing area next to the road was also completed.Catbrook now24

So now there are no vehicles on site and all is quite for the moment. There are some Jays making quite a lot of squawking noises and a Buzzard overhead and today I heard a Song Thrush.

The wood? looks pretty awful at the moment, I suppose this is the low spot. There are some deciduous trees left but some are in a fairly sorry state, I have started to ‘tidy up’ one or two.Catbrook now23

I am quite disappointed that I am finding quite a lot of half reasonable deciduous trees that have been cut down. I can live with trees that have been uprooted or damaged as a result of the felling process but when you come across trees that have been simply cut to get them out of the way’, then I get a bit down. Catbrook now19

Also I discovered a little stack of Oak logs that had not only been cut but had also been stacked up near the road for onward transportation??Catbrook now27

I think my problem is that I do not have a forestry mentality, I am more of a naturalist.

Anyway it is what it is and for all I know the felling people did a really good job and in normal circumstances there would be nothing left. So onward and upward, there are already signs of regeneration like little Beech seedlings and new shoots from the brambles, not so sure how welcome they are, also loads of Ferns have survived. The bluebell area does look better this year than it did last year and there are patches of anemones dotted about. Here is a little slide show to illustrate what I have been talking about.

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The well is more prominent now and I will have to repair the fence, I would also like to clear out the rubbish which has accumulated in it over the last few years. Catbrook now4

There are two stories I have heard over and over from the locals about this well. One is that when they were digging it the workmen left their tools at the bottom when they finished work for the week on Friday night. When they came back on Monday morning the well had started to fill up with water and the tools were all under water and are still there to this day. Also I have been told by several people that the farmer who lived next door dumped a car down there. Catbrook now7




This is not the present farmer but the previous one. I can well believe this because along the boundary between the wood and his property there is loads of old rubbish, bottles, enamel pots and pans, car seats, an old bicycle frame, car wheels, mattress springs, ceramic tiles and loads more, So obviously the wood was in his eyes a place to dump rubbish.

The next step is to clear up all the rubbish ‘brash’ of which there is quite a lot. In amongst the brash there is quite a large amount of short lengths of timber, some of it is quite large and I have been collecting some of it up so that in due course it can become fire wood. The brash will be raked up mechanically and burnt. I hope the trees that are remaining do not suffer too much from this process. I will be glad when all this is over and we can start the two hundred year process towards Ancient woodland regeneration.

I must go to the gym tomorrow so that I can remain on this earth as long as possible to see my woodland recover. Maybe two hundred years is not going to happen? Twenty might be possible.