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There is quite a lot of this little plant growing down one side of our wood, it started to flower at the beginning of April and is still going strong now, at the end of April. I am sure it is a species of Wood-rush (Luzula) but was not 100% sure about what species.Wood rush2


However I think I have it nailed now, by a process of where it is growing in GB and time of year and size so it narrows it down and it has to be Hairy Wood-rush Luzula pilosa. It says in my Collins guide…

Tufted with short runners, stems short, to 30 cm.  Leaves 5-10mm wide. Inflorescence a forking cluster with single flowers on very unequal stalks, turning down in fruit; flowers dark brown, anthers longer than filament flowering March to May. Fruit yellow green 3-sided, abruptly narrowing to a short beak, as long as the tepals. Woods and shady banks. Found throughout except Iceland, scarce in west Ireland.’

So its not Iceland or Western Ireland, I don’t know about the fruits as its still in flower, it is growing on a shady bank in a woodland and the flowers are on very unequal stalks.. So it has to be……yes, that’s another one sorted out.