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Felling and removal of the wood is proceeding at quite a pace. Two lorry loads went on Friday and ended up in Coleford and another was picked up for delivery on Monday. It is stacked next to the new entrance, as you can see in the photo below. The sawlogs (various sizes) are all going to Coleford, the lower grade chipwood to Thornbury and the bars up to a fencing mill near Kidderminster.   The timber will have to keep moving to avoid the loading bay becoming full but with good weather forecast the felling should be completed by Easter.

Timber awaiting collection from Catbrook Wood

Timber awaiting collection from Catbrook Wood


They are managing to retain some of the deciduous trees and others which have been knocked down will still have their root systems in the ground so should regenerate after the brash is cleared. felling12











There is a lot of brash, it is going to be quite a task to clear it.felling13