Today felling has commenced. Last week we got the all clear from the Monmouthshire Council ‘approved’ ecologist to remove a section of the perimeter wall and this was begun last week. Today, Monday 7th of April the  machine has turned up which cuts the trees down.



Initially it cleared about 10 trees from the area where the new entrance is being constructed and then it moved into the wood and stated removing the trees. It is an amazing machine, it is computerised, so when I asked the driver roughly how many trees he had removed so far he pressed a button and replied 78. The computer records all the work he does. It also measures the diameter of the bottom of the log and decides how to chop it up into appropriate lengths and it removes all the side branches and in a matter of minutes the tree is converted into about 6 to 8 logs ready to be stacked up and later removed.

Here is a sequence showing one tree being removed

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This is the new entrance under constructionfelling1


mmm…. the entrance looks OK but the felling is not so good. Oh well it needs doing but I don’t like it and it will look a lot different in a months time which is roughly how long it will take to complete all the work