I have discovered a bit of background to Catbrook wood. Back in 2004 when Ninewells wood was purchased and split up there was a lot of ill feeling from locals. There is a web site which gives you some idea of how strong it was, the site is http://www.ninewellswood.org/html/home.html. From this you can see that the ‘campaign’ got as far as the local MP,  questions in the House of Commons and a feature on BBC television.  So fairly high powered stuff.

I was aware that there was some history, when I first viewed the wood a couple who live close by had told me a lot of things about it. What seemed to me to be the issue was that the woods were up for sale by auction and a group of locals had put in a bid but Woodlands.co.uk had  trumped them at the last minute, and this was not to their liking obviously. As to what happened after that, it would probably depend on whose version of events you were reading. Anyway it is all history and the web site that they produced at the time is worth a look and does have some useful information about the wildlife and management,  apart from the argument between the sides.

You can read the Hansard report of what Huw Edwards MP said in 2004 should you wish, it is quite long, I have read most of it….

Click http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200304/cmhansrd/vo041012/halltext/41012h04.htm