More Treasure at Ninewells Wood


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Spent another day in the wood hunting for treasure, this time on my own, the Grandchildren are now back with their rightful owners.

First I checked out the big hole which Freya and I had dug a few days earlier, but had not located anything. The signal was as strong as last time. I dug down a further 4 or 5 inches, but nothing. So I decided to widen the hole out a bit and then I discovered the cause of the powerful signal.

I continued along the edge of the wood, next to the road and came across a big find of bottles with metal tops, old batteries and some iron hoops. Great!

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So I decided to move away from the road as I was only getting junk. I moved up to the path, a public right of way which marks the top edge of our section of Ninewells Wood and here there was less stuff but more exciting. I thought I had found a small coin but it turned out to be an old flat button. When I cleaned it up I could make out the words ‘ORANGE STANDARD’ on the under side, Lots of old buttons have ORANGE written on them, ORANGE SUPERIOR, TREBLE ORANGE LONDON, TREBLE GILT ORANGE IMPERIAL STANDARD and so on. Not quite sure what Orange refers to, was it the company name? I think this button will be 19th century.

Next was a coin. Not mega but my first coin, it was a George Sixth Halfpenny 1943, I wonder when it was dropped there, it was about 3 inches deep and at a point in the soil profile where the brown top soil stopped and the underlying red brown hard compacted soil began.

I found several other items, some tin lids, a ring pull a piece that looked like it could be part of the fastener on braces and that was it.

To top the day off I saw two fallow deer hinds on my way home they were along the road between Ninewells wood and Cleddon Bog.