Snow: December 2017


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It snowed yesterday (Friday 8th) and so I thought I would have a look and see what might be around. Most noticeable was  vast numbers of footprints. Amazing that after only one night of the snow being on the ground that there were so many prints. Mostly all rabbit but also some fox/dog prints. I think mostly fox as there were only a few human prints and they were only near the entrance.

I was particularly surprised to see prints along the top of a log which forms part of a small hide I am constructing. I doubt that a dog would balance and run along its length, a fox might but even that seems a bit odd.

I kept an eye out for any interesting birds but there were only the regulars. Robins were particularly conspicuous and with the snow quite photogenic.

There was also a Bullfinch but it was quite a way off in some Silver Birch trees.

The Hedge Sparrows came a bit closer. I also saw Wrens, Blue and Great tits, Blackbirds, Crows and Wood Pigeons.

Finally a couple more Robin Photos.