Lynx spotted at Ninewells wood.


Yesterday, (16th Jan 2018)I was searching round for some Climbing Corydalis plants, when I heard a noise in the distance. It was a cold and sometimes wet day and quite windy but the noise was for real and grew louder and louder and then overhead came a helicopter followed by two or three more. Photo below from Wikipedia.

I only had my new Macro lens as I was intent on photographing a tiny plant which does grow in our wood but either because I was too cold or because it had died off from all the snow we have had up there recently, I never found. So I got one photo of a Helicopter which was not so good. On my return home I looked at the photo and deleted it because it was quite poor.

Then on the BBC local news I heard about the final flight of the Lynx Helicopter, so this morning I retrieved my photo from the trash box and tinkered with it a bit and it is OK as proof that what I saw was the Lynx presumably flying from Bristol up to Leominster….. This is a map of their final destinations.

Now I think the only Lynx I might see in our woods is this one. Not as 100% far fetched as it might sound as there are some who advocate re introducing them into the Forest of Dean to control Deer and Wild Boar.  Probably they would eat all the sheep first though.Eurasian Lynx