Fungi in Ninewells wood; October 2017


A few days ago I was in our woods and there were large numbers of little fungi  dotted about. I do have trouble with little toadstools.  However I am a member of the Small woodlands owners group on Facebook and one member of that group is red hot on fungi and he has commented on my original blog saying

Richard Shotbolt Hi, you’ve got Honey Fungus (Armillaria sp.), Earth Fan (Thelephora terrestris), Deceiver (Laccaria laccata), Funeral Bell (Galerina marginata), Sulphur Tuft (Hypholoma fasciculare) and the last one is either a Psathyrella if it has brown gills, or a Mycena if they are white.

This one was not so small and I think it is a shaggy pholiota. It could also be a honey fungus and we did have a lot of that in the woods growing on the dead and dying Corsican Pines, before they were felled. Evidently you can tell the difference from their spore prints…. but I don’t think my enthusiasm to identify them stretches that far. 

This one is fairly distinctive and I have seen it before in Thetford forest, so perhaps it likes growing where Corsican pines have been recently felled. There was lots of it growing in one area, near the entrance. Probably an area of 20M x 20M so quite a large patch, but then I did not see it anywhere else in the woods. It is called an earth fan and its scientific name is Thelephora terrestris . I looked it up and it says it likes sandy soil and the patch were it was growing is more sandy whereas the rest of the wood is more of a thick red clay, so that explains where it was.

However this chap was everywhere and I really do not know what it is. It reminds me of the Amethyst Deceiver except for the colour. There is a related species simply called the deceiver….could it be that?

This one is similar, there was less of it and again I am stumped.According to Richard Shotbolt this is Funeral Bell (Galerina marginata). 

and we have this which was bigger and I think is different again but may be the same as the one above….. I really need some help here. Is this a honey fungus? Confirmation from Richard Shotbolt, this is Sulphur Tuft (Hypholoma fasciculare)Finally there was this little chap, I only saw these two and they look a bit like what I know as a group of fungi known as Coprinus fungi ie ones that grow on animal droppings however these seemed to be growing straight out of the ground and looked abit bigger than most coprinus fungi which are often very small. And from Richard he thinks this is either a Psathyrella if it has brown gills, or a Mycena if they are white. I will have to check when I am up there next and report back, if I can find it again.