Boys checking their trees

Two years ago my two Grand sons on my daughters side of the family planted trees in our wood. Theo planted a Hazel and Fred planted an Oak.

Yesterday they wanted to visit the wood and check out the progress, we located Theo’s Hazel quite easily and put his name on a stone next to it. The hazel was doing OK and just getting taller than the protective tube.

We had more trouble finding Fred’s tree, we did locate a tube with three stones round the base but there was nothing inside the tube, obviously what was there has at sometime died or been eaten.  I am not 100% sure that this was infact Fred’s Oak as I saw it last summer and it was doing OK. I will have a good search round in a week or so time.

Anyway Fred took it well and we have in the mean time allocated him another tree.

There was some Gorse in flower and some of the honeysuckle leaf buds were starting to unfurl.


The boys visited their ‘den’ but it was a bit worse for wear. I am going to plant the Christmas Holly berries all round the edge of it so that one day this might make a permanent hedge and strengthen the den.