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Well that’s it for a while. Our wood is six miles from our house and driving there is now not permitted and it would be a long walk.

Pity because this is the best season of the year and I have discovered a Long-tailed Tits nest and was going to make a photographic diary of the progress ( using a long telephoto so as not to disturb them) But now that will not happen and by the time I next get up to the wood they will no doubt have flown, or been eaten by the Magpes!

I have bought some vegetable seeds, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, courgettes, carrots, french beans and others. I shall divert my attentions to my garden also some local photography,  probably a lot of macro stuff of mini beasts in the garden. Hopefully not ones eating my veg.

I wonder when I will next post about Ninewells wood.

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